Hollywood director Penelope Spheeris on “Wayne’s World”, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, and Chris Farley


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Penelope Spheeris is best known for her work as the director of classic 90’s films including “Wayne’s World”, “Black Sheep”, and “The Little Rascals”.

Before her big break in Hollywood she was a recognized documentary filmmaker, known for her work in the punk and metal music scenes.

Our podcast takes us through the people she’s crossed paths with in her career including Mike Myers, Bob & Harvey Weinstein, Chris Farley, Donald Trump, David Spade, Lorne Michaels, Sharon Osbourne & Ozzfest, Roseanne Barr, Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, Albert Brooks, Penny Marshall, Rob Reiner, and Jon Cryer.

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Comedian Steve Hughes


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Steve Hughes has recently relocated back to Australia from the UK, having taken time off from his touring schedule to deal with an unexpected breakdown.

The highly regarded “heavy metal comedian” discusses his depression, going clean & sober, heavy music, and the increasing censorship of moderate political voices.

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Find out more about Steve’s work by visiting http://www.stevehughes.net.au.