Rich Franklin – UFC Champion, UFC Hall of Famer, Vice President ONE Championship

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We talk to the latest inductee into the UFC’s Hall of Fame, Rich Franklin. Once the UFC’s Middleweight Champion, he moved on to a number of superfights having tangled with the likes of Ken Shamrock, Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, and Forrest Griffin.

He’s now the Vice President of ONE Championship and we discuss his career, being part of the famed Millitech Fighting Systems camp, the differences between Asia and North America, the business of MMA, and how ONE Championship is striving to become the world’s largest MMA organization.

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Tim Kennedy – MMA & UFC fighter, Army Special Forces, and entrepreneur

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Tim Kennedy is a badass. A recently retired Top 5 UFC contender and member of the Army Special Forces, Tim chats about a number of things including how he got into MMA, training with guys like Chuck Liddell, his military service including Iraq and Afghanistan, what he thinks of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and his entrepreneurial endeavours including Sheepdog Response, and Ranger Up clothing.

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